Friday, March 7, 2008

Expensive Pants

Recently I was forced to lie on my back for a few days because I caught a case of the flu. I was forced to watch the Today Show one morning because ESPN and Fox News were out on my cable. I listened to one story in which the main theme was the supposed effect the economy was having on people. One of the hosts of the show interviewed a financial "expert" on ways that Americans can get through these "difficult" times financially in America.

All of that was palatable. What was so annoying was the story that immediately followed. It was a fashion segment giving advice on what type of clothes people should buy in order to look good. The irony of this segment was the price tag on all of these clothes. Each of the outfits displayed totaled close to or over $1000! I think I have some advice for their next financial segment. If you are in financial distress in our current economy, quit spending $1000 on one set of clothes!

This just highlights how out of touch many people in the media are with average America. I don't think I have spent $1000 on clothes over the past several years combined much less one outfit.