Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Church Buildings and Wax Museums

Last month my wife and I took a brief trip to Victoria, British Columbia for our anniversary. As we toured around the city I noticed several large church buildings scattered throughout the city. Each of these were beautifully constructed and maintained. Some of them boasted large auditoriums that could seat several hundred people.

However, like many churches of this style and location they were virtually empty. I quickly realized that these buildings had more in common with a local wax museum tourist attraction than a scriptural body of Christ. Like the people in a wax museum they looked real but they were hollow and lifeless. These churches had probably not made a lasting impact on the community in years. The buildings serve as nothing more than a reminder of a once apparent fruitful ministry.

Unfortunately this is true of many buildings scattered throughout the world. These buildings continue to take up space and money that I believe could be more effectively used for the kingdom of God.

As we continue the process of planting Connect Church I am reminded of the importance of not tying down a church to an overly expensive and ornate building. It confirms my desire to start a church that is more focused on people than expensive buildings. Our church has the desire to funnel its resources into life changing ministries instead of a building that can eventually become nothing more than a monument of past ministry.