Friday, January 2, 2009

Conversations with a Four Year Old

Our oldest daughter Hannah is becoming quite good at asking some tough questions. Recently Tina commented about the wars that are going on across the world at this time. Part of her statement included a remark about "bad guys." Hannah, who is always eavesdropping, remarked, "Why did God make the bad guys?" Tina's response, "Yeah dad, why did God make the bad guys?" I will admit that I avoided the opportunity to discuss with my daughter why God is not the author of sin. However, later she asked another question that did get me to thinking.

While I was rocking Hannah before bedtime she asked if she would be able to take her toys and stuffed animals to heaven. Keep in mind this is a big deal for a small child. She was very concerned that all of her favorite toys would be gone forever when she goes to heaven.

As I tried to explain (in four year old terms) that the glories of heaven and Christ will far outweigh anything we leave behind on earth I also realized something. I was reminded of how much we do value our earthly possessions which will not last. We are often so concerned with our "stuff" that we forget it will one day no longer matter.

All of this served as a simple encouragement to place my priorities on things that will last. Things such as investing in my family, planting a church that seeks to impact this culture with the power of the gospel and my own spiritual growth in Christ.