Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recruiting Help - Do The Ask

In ministry I have at times noticed a recurring theme of frustration with many other pastors and church leaders in the area of recruiting volunteers and leaders for various ministry needs. Despite repeated public pleas for assistance the needs go unfulfilled and the leader becomes more and more frustrated at the apparent apathy from the congregation.

I too have experienced similar frustrations and have discovered a pretty simple solution. Instead of general requests from the stage or bulletin it is more productive to ask people on an individual basis. It seems the public requests often go unanswered because people are able to deflect the responsibility or simply may not be paying attention.

Here are the steps I try to follow when recruiting ministry help or leadership over an area.

  • Pray about it - Ask God to give wisdom and guidance about who should serve and in what capacity.
  • Get suggestions - Talk with other leaders about who they see as potential workers or leaders.
The Meeting
  • Make the appointment - Set a time to meet with the person about the opportunity. It also never hurts to buy them lunch.
  • Share with them the vision for the area you are asking them to serve in or lead. This is important. If you are not clear on what you are asking them to do, they will have no clue. Be sure to be passionate about the offer. Enthusiasm really is contagious.
  • Tell them how they are specifically gifted for this area and how they can make their mark.
  • Give them ownership. It does no good to delegate help and then never let them actually help.
  • Tell them to pray about the offer.
Follow Up
  • Check back with the person at a predetermined time. Answer any questions. If they accept then begin training them in their new responsibilities.
  • Continue to provide supervision and feedback. If this is a leader you have recruited make sure to make time to meet with them and provide additional advice and encouragement. If it is someone who is serving in a specific ministry area make sure their team or ministry leader is following up with them.
  • Make sure to get referrals from you new recruit as to others they see who may also be willing to serve. If the person you recruited is a team leader encourage them to repeat this process within their own team to develop and grow new volunteers and leaders.